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Track Pad by FODO™

TRACK PAD An original FODO™ Track Pad has decisive advantages for you.

We offer extended guarantees, unique manufacturing methods and unrivalled engineering processes which lead to outstanding product lifetimes. Years of experience in the manufacturing of our components for hydraulic mining excavators guarantee optimal performance. This enables us to offer our customers the advantage of a 30% longer lifetime compared to competitors. In close cooperation with suppliers, customers and our own employees, our components are continuously improved and adapted to all our products.

Our quality approach

The major capital is our excellent workforce. Highly skilled and motivated, they are well prepared to meet all of our customers’requirements. Field experience, customized products and state-of-the-art technologies are considered to prevent errors before and during the production processes.

In addition, modern planning, calculation and design tools are used in engineering and production. The FEM (Finite Element Method) helps us with the detailed interpretation of components such as Track Pad connecting bolts, drive wheels and guide wheels and other heavy-duty components. The casting is checked with ultrasonic and x-ray. The hardened surface is checked with magnaflux hardness testing and with routine destructive samples. This results in an unmatched quality. The production of the genuine FODO™ Track Pads is certified according to ISO 9001 quality management.

Hardening superiority

High-tech Product

A special task group investigates the status quo of the production of Track Pads and the current manufacturing standards. The result is guaranteed quality and endurance of our undercarriage components. Thanks to our technical expertise and manufacturing processes, we guarantee the highest standards in terms of quality, reliability and service around our Track Pads. Our approach is to offer the best quality to our customers.

The Best Service

Thanks to the global service network of Komatsu we provide immediate support for customers‘ satisfaction. The standard warranty and extended warranty options are available to keep your fleet running. We have set-up stocks for parts and manufacturing matters all over the world. We have spare parts and components available in these stocks. All in all, we supply the best products. Compared to third-party manufacturers, our Track Pads are standardized and adapted to all other parts of the machine. This results in less unplanned maintenance efforts and better overall performance.

Superior Hardening

Our manufacturing facilities are stateof-the-art level. For decades, we have continuously optimized our hardening processes. The induction hardening of our Track Pad is a unique feature in the market. The hardened drive lugs, roller paths and pin holes allow an exceptional quality and durability of our Track Pads. The genuine Track Pads of FODO™ offer 30% more lifetime compared to thirdparty products.

Product Lifetime

We Set Quality Standards

FODO™ stands for quality. We use a patented manufacturing process for the FODO™ Track Pads. Our Track Pads are induction hardened. Third-party Track Pads consist of harder alloyed steel, which means that they cannot be induction hardened like the FODO™ Track Pad. In addition, the casting quality of thirdparty manufacturers is much lower than the quality of FODO™ Track Pads. Experience shows that third-party Track Pads have a 30% shorter lifetime.

Outstanding Quality

In direct comparison to most common competitors, FODO™ Track Pads and crawler parts achieve a 30% more lifetime on average. This superior quality and durability in the toughest mining applications are direct results of first-class material and sophisticated hardening technologies. In addition to this, the proper combination of hardening specs on rollers, idlers, tumblers as well as the hardened surface of the roller path on the Track Pads are important factors and has been developed over decades of experience in the mining industry. FODO™ undercarriage parts have set industry standards.

We Set Quality Standards

Track Pads are wear parts. In emergency cases, a new Track Pad is immediately required. No big deal. At FODO™ you can count on the fastest delivery times. Machine parts tracking allows us to know when each part reaches the end of its life. This leads to a better machine availability. We believe in the quality of our products and we offer an extended warranty on our products – compared to third-party Track Pads – because of this. It is necessary that the customer registers the machine parts and exercises maintenance measurements. Benefit from special package prices for our Track Pads and other undercarriage parts. Warranty FODO™  Third-Party Standard Warranty 6.000 hrs not applicable Extended Warranty up to 25.000 hrs maximum of 15.000 hrs

Measurement Of Fodo™ Genuine Track Pad Wear

Wear Conditioning

Carry out the Track Pad wear measurements for all models during machine break times by using the tools specified. During a 10-minute break interval, a Track Pad wear measurement is possible. The service technician can measure and record track elongation and Track Pad wear as well as take side pictures of both drive sprockets. This information, if taken on a monthly interval, allows accurate assessment of undercarriage condition, precise forecasting of changing to oversize sprockets and replacing complete undercarriage. This information can then be shared with the customer on an ongoing basis. The aim is to keep you informed about the wear progress of your particular machine.